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Neither can we directly see it, nor taste, smell, hear, or touch it – still, we know that it persistently surrounds us, completely covers us, and that we probably cannot accomplish much more than, day after day, putting one foot in front of the other on the bed of its “ocean”, repeatedly trying to offer opposition to the natural force pointed towards the earth’s core in order not to fall, while its enormous weight is pushing on our shoulders from above and it impedes our advance, perceptible via a subtle sweep across our cheeks.

Untouchable, maybe even grim effects as this something might seem to have, it is crucial for our existence and any other life forms’ whatsoever on our planet.

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My favorite Elon Musk Twitter photos from DragonV2 unveiling, what was your favorite?

Relive it again, HERE.

In addition to this more or less known physicist’s joke, which aims at Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, I will offer another “physical excuse” for violating the Traffic Code – one for which you probably won’t have a policeman’s ear either.

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For all the tweeps among yourselves:
Scientific Finger Food has an own account on Twitter now (@FingerFoodSci).

Check it out if you’re into that kind of social network too! ;-)


“Anyone can learn physics.”
That’s one of the central statements in Susan Fowler’s most recent blog post which appeared in her blog “Fledgling Physicist”.

Making many good points, she correctly states that everybody already knows a great deal about physics since we all grow up in this (physical) world and, especially while still being kids, we observe our surroundings and…

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Cosmic Journeys: Hyper Earth: the New World”

See some really impressive, beautiful, and sometimes even scary animations in this video by SpaceRip!

(Oh, and by the way, you can actually watch it in 4K! Amazing!)

Everybody knows it, everybody does it: If the soup is too hot, you just blow on it and it cooles down – albeit often slower than desired.
As it is in all aspects of life, I can truly recommend asking the simple and insight-bringing question: Why? – Why does the soup get cooler if I blow on it?

Certainly, whether you blow on it or not, the soup cools down either way, just because the heat slowly disperses into the environment. Why, however, does the soup’s heat go away faster when you drain your lungs over it? When not blowing, the soup is surrounded by air – as it is when you are actually blowing. (It’s just that the air is a little bit moving in that case.) Did the air gain some kind of special cooling skills by going through your lungs? (Don’t you think this would be a little bit strange since the air from your lungs is even slightly warmer than the surrounding air?)
So why is it that I can cool my soup by blowing on it?

The answer to this question can certainly turn out so long that every soup has got cold on its own in the meantime. That’s why I will try to keep my answer short and reasonable.

Well…why not?!
(Source: Aha! Jokes,

Before I start, let me briefly note what we actually mean when talking about temperature:
A measure of temperature is, to put it simply, the average speed of the particles in the soup (where I don’t mean the soup garnishes – which don’t really move, as long as they…

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Mein Blog hat Geburtstag.
Oder sollte ich vielleicht besser sagen, er ist nun schon ein Jahr alt? - Auch das würde nicht ganz genau auf den Tag stimmen. Ich weiß ja außerdem gar nicht mal genau, an welchem Tag ich das Blog offiziell eröffnet habe.
Lasst es mich also mal vorsichtig formulieren: Ich blogge nun etwa seit einem Jahr und möchte die Gelegenheit nutzen, um mich erneut bei meinen fleißigen Leserinnen und Lesern zu bedanken, die von Anfang an dabei bzw. später dazugestoßen sind.
(Zumindest beim letzten Teil des vorhergehenden Satzes bin ich mir völlig sicher! ;-) )

Ein Jahr Bloggen ist natürlich noch keine besonders lange Zeit - man lernt gerade mal ein bisschen seine eigene Art, Texte zu schreiben, kennen und bekommt ein Gefühl dafür, wie viel Zeit man sich für das Schreiben der Artikel nehmen kann/möchte. Man hat gerade so viel Schreiberfahrung gesammelt, um erkennen zu können, dass es…

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Where is this Video? - That’s a subtle question. However, it was certainly made by Vsauce. ;-)